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Our studio has grown over the years from the efforts and dreams of two ladies beginning out of home-based photography businesses who had the desire to collaborate together and grow professionally.  In 2010, Cheryl Weaver and Maggie Hendrix’s dream was established in Zoë Portrait Art (now Zoë Photographic Group).  The word Zoë [zoh-ee] is of greek origin meaning “life”: A life real and genuine, active and vigorous, devoted to God,  blessed.  Over the last six years, our business has been blessed by some very talented and fun women who we are thankful to still call friends.  Just like our clients, the studio has gone through many life changes, which leads us to our current stage of “life” with two friends joining together continuing to capture every milestone for our clients.  From your wedding to every season of your growing family, Kim and Erin feel blessed to experience these milestones with you.

Our studio is located at 213 C West Arch Avenue in Downtown Searcy, AR.  You can inquire about any of our services by contacting us:

(501) 420-2765




Kim Boyd, Photographer and Co-Owner of Zoë Photographic Group

Hey there!  I’m super excited that you have stopped by to read up on who the ladies are behind Zoë!  Let me be honest with you and say that talking about myself makes my palms sweat and my heart sink into my stomach, so please excuse the awkwardness about to follow.  I would prefer to be behind the camera, hiding in the corner, or capturing moments between people than to open up about myself.  But, here we are and I have to be an adult (right?!).  My biggest cheerleaders in life are my husband of 21 years and my two kiddos who constantly keep me on my toes and keep me motivated to do what I do.  I know it sounds cliche, but I truly feel blessed to be able to do what I love for a living and remind myself constantly not to take it for granted! I look forward to always meeting new clients (as long as I don’t have to talk much about myself, remember – sweaty palms?) and I can’t wait for us to become more friends than clients while documenting your stages of life!



Erin Bunting, Photographer and Co-Owner of Zoë Photographic Group

Hi :) I’m erin.  I agree with Kim, writing this about myself is not my favorite thing.  I much prefer to not be the focus of attention… maybe that’s why I choose to be behind a camera focusing my attention on others.  I am so thankful to own this business with my best friend.  When you love the people you work with, work doesn’t really feel like work (I said that word too many times and now it sounds weird… work, work, work…) I’ve always been encouraged to chase after this dream by my husband (and high school sweetheart) David,  and my 3 kids (Hannah, Aiden, and Conner) have been the most beautiful models in from of my lens for all their lives.  It is watching how fast their childhood is flying by that inspires me to capture those fleeting moments for you.






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