Welcome Jordan Mae | Unity Health Fresh 48 Session

We all know how much Covid changed our lives for a season (a long season) and as life has slowly crept back towards a sense of normalcy some things still haven’t felt the same. We had quite a while where we were not able to visit loved ones in the hospital, we all know those who welcomed babies without family anxiously waiting in the hallway. Capturing the excitement and newness of babies soon after birth has always been a joy for me, but I wasn’t sure we would ever be able to get back to these types of sessions. I was thrilled when Mandy asked for a Fresh 48 session in the hospital. There is just something special about those first few hours of life- seeing moms after delivering a new life from within themselves, husbands full of love and admiration for their wives, and being present when older sibling meet their new little brother or sister. Mandy, thank you for letting me capture these sweet moments of your family! I can’t wait to share Jordan’s in-studio newborn session soon!

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