Halloween 2022

My own kids have grown up some so, dressing up for Halloween isn’t something we prep for in our house anymore. But, I remember many hours of planning, shopping, crafting, and piecing together the most fun costumes for my 3 kids. I loved when they were small and were so excited to dress up together in a theme- we did pirates, Peanuts characters, and superheroes just to name a few. Nowadays, I look forward to seeing all of your kiddos dressed in costume. I love getting to see their faces light up when I recognize them and correctly guess who they are dressed as. Thank you, to every parent who brought their child to our fun event! I love getting to capture your sweet kiddos’ personalities!

Happy Halloween! We hope your night is full of treats and no tricks!

zoe by erin 2020_2328This year we photographed the Arender’s youngest in the same costume his big brothers have worn, we love getting to be a part of family traditions like this one!
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