Emmi | 2023 Senior, Harding Academy

We upgraded Emmi’s first session of her Senior Year Collective to a full session and headed out of town for an adventure! I love finding new places to shoot and trying to be super creative, sometimes to find places that make you wonder if we are still in Arkansas.  It’s just a challenge I give myself sometimes!

Emmi, I hope you love these images as much as I do! I can’t wait for your next session.  Can we do something different for that too, please???!!?

rye flower garden_1449rye flower garden_1450rye flower garden_1451rye flower garden_1452rye flower garden_1453rye flower garden_1454rye flower garden_1455rye flower garden_1456rye flower garden_1457rye flower garden_1458rye flower garden_1459rye flower garden_1460rye flower garden_1461rye flower garden_1462rye flower garden_1463rye flower garden_1464rye flower garden_1465rye flower garden_1466

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