Aiden | Class of 2022, Searcy High School

This blog is hitting a little too close to home.  And it just means that when I have to blog my own daughter, that I might not be able to through all the tears.  I’ve known Aiden since he was a little bitty thing! And of course since his parents are the best friends in the world, and we own the studio together…. I feel like his other momma having been front and center watching him grow into a young man.  I’m so thankful that his mom and I have each other (for other obvious reasons as well) through this time in our lives! Graduating kiddos are hard on a momma’s heart y’all!

Aiden! I can’t wait to see and hear how much fun you have at ATU and where God leads you afterwards.  Only UP from here!  Love all you Buntings!!!!

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