Saunders Family | Mother Daughter Session, Searcy Arkansas

We love when clients ask for sessions as gifts for their loved ones.  So, when Teresa mentioned wanting to gift this session to her daughter for Christmas, we got super excited talking about ideas and locations.  Aren’t they both just gorgeous?! And how fun, a session just for the two of them?!

I think in the stage of life I’m in right now, with my last kiddo – my daughter- about to graduate from high school, I see even more, the importance of a session like this.  Time is fleeting.  Document stages of life, joy, and the love you have for your family now.  Don’t wait for work to slow down or to lose an extra 5 lbs to feel better or worrying about finding time to shop for the perfect outfits.  There are always excuses.  I’m talking to myself here more than anyone.  I’m the queen of excuses and putting things off.  So, even if it’s just using your phone and setting it up on a timer….. take photos of you and your children! You will never regret it.

Teresa, thank you for reminding me how important these moments are and I’m so happy that you asked me to be a part of it.  You can bet I’ll be hitting Erin up for a session like this for me and Bailey!

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