Amanda & John | Batesville, AR Wedding

Kim and I often say how blessed we are to share big life events with our clients and sometimes we get to capture those moments for dear friends. We have loved these families for so many years! Getting to spend the day with Amanda, John, and their families was so special. These two did not let the sky full of clouds and drizzle darken the spirit of their day- laughter, smiles, and happy tears were how this day will be remembered. Amanda, you looked gorgeous-  your smiling eyes and your giggle just made me smile the whole time I was editing your images! We love you guys so much and are so excited for the lifetime of joy you two will sharezoe by erin 2020_1763zoe by erin 2020_1764zoe by erin 2020_1765zoe by erin 2020_1766zoe by erin 2020_1767zoe by erin 2020_1768zoe by erin 2020_1769zoe by erin 2020_1770zoe by erin 2020_1771zoe by erin 2020_1772zoe by erin 2020_1773zoe by erin 2020_1774zoe by erin 2020_1775zoe by erin 2020_1776zoe by erin 2020_1777zoe by erin 2020_1778zoe by erin 2020_1779zoe by erin 2020_1780zoe by erin 2020_1781zoe by erin 2020_1782zoe by erin 2020_1783zoe by erin 2020_1784zoe by erin 2020_1785zoe by erin 2020_1786zoe by erin 2020_1787zoe by erin 2020_1788zoe by erin 2020_1789zoe by erin 2020_1790zoe by erin 2020_1791zoe by erin 2020_1792zoe by erin 2020_1793zoe by erin 2020_1794zoe by erin 2020_1795

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