Emma | 2022 Senior, Pangburn High School

When Emma mentioned that she wanted to do a farm shoot for her senior session, I was ecstatic! Knowing that we had the entire Reaper Farm at our disposal made it really hard to decide exactly where to shoot.  So we drove!  Emma had ideas that she wanted (including the cornfield) and so we just drove and looked for pretty light.  Honestly, we could have shot for 4 hours (or more!) but ran out of daylight.  Ending under the pivots right after the sun went down was probably my absolute favorite part of this session (even though I said that at every stop).  But, how often do we have a senior that will agree to get wet?!? We all ended up getting drenched – don’t worry, my camera was protected by using my body as a shield at the right moments.  Was it irresponsible of me to do that with my equipment… probably… but oh so worth it! Check out some of my favorite shots!


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