Meet Layne | Searcy, AR Newborn Photography

I get to share ANOTHER baby today! We’ve been so blessed to photograph several babies in the last few weeks! This sweet girl was such a fun session. She slept like a rockstar and was just happy as could be. It’s amazing to me how every newborn who comes into our studio is so different, some settle easily, some take more time, some are super curly and love to be on their tummies, some don’t like it at all. I think every baby we photographed in 2020 was less than 7 pounds… several tiny 5 pound babies were in our arms last year. Layne was the first big baby we’ve seen in a long time! I just wanted to squish her cheeks! Ugh… and those eyelashes! I swear… Layne, you’re beautiful. Sydney, thank you so much for choosing us to photograph your sweet new little girl!

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