We are super excited for our fifth annual SENIOR WEEK!  This is absolutely an exciting time of year celebrating our incoming seniors and officially opening up our booking season!  Those of you who don’t know what this means, let me explain briefly.  This is our kick off to booking 2022 seniors.  We want to start it with a bang by giving huge incentives to go ahead and book your senior session early and also by giving fun things away to all high school students (grades 9-12) that want to enter! So what does this year look like? Let’s talk through all the details!

Booking incentives ONLY available this week:  Get your session fee half off (or $75 off the senior season collective) AND receive $50 in credit to be used towards purchases after your session ONLY IF YOU BOOK THIS WEEK!  How do you book your session? Call, email, or message us and pay your session fee (at the discounted rate) and that will hold your date for anytime this year.  This will be the only opportunity this year to get this large of a discount.

Giveaways!!! On top of an amazing booking incentive, we will be giving away exciting things from our downtown neighboring businesses that we all love! We will announce the giveaways each day on Instagram and Facebook.  Be sure to follow Zoë Seniors on instagram and then enter  here to be put in the drawing.  Once you enter, you will be eligible all week for the giveaways.  These giveaways are open to ANY high school student, not just seniors!

FEATURES:  We also take this week to feature our amazing senior models for 2022! Check out some of my favorite images from our first model shoot below! senior week_0923senior week_0924senior week_0925senior week_0926senior week_0927senior week_0928senior week_0929senior week_0930senior week_0931senior week_0932senior week_0933

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