Seth | 2021 Senior, CrossPointe Preparatory

I think we were all worried that this session wasn’t going to happen. Going out on a sailboat for a photo session, actually out, not just sitting at the dock…. takes just the perfect weather conditions.  Just enough wind to actually sail and not motor, but not so much that we are all being knocked overboard with all of our equipment.   We tried in the fall several times… and again this spring.  FINALLY… the perfect day.  And boy oh boy was it perfect.  I’d do this shoot again a million times over.   Not only did we get to fulfill our creative side, we got to hear stories from Seth’s Poppa about his racing days on this boat.  What a fulfilling day this truly was.

Seth, please thank your Poppa again for taking us out and showing us the time of our lives! And Amy…. thank you for making this happen.  I know it means a lot to you and Seth to be able to incorporate such an important part of both of your lives into his final senior session, but I think Erin, David and I got the better end of the deal!  We LOVED getting to do this with you all and learn so much about your sailing lives and what is important to you.  It truly was good for all of our hearts!

Seth…. YOU ARE ABOUT TO GRADUATE! I can’t believe it.  Congratulations.  We can’t wait to see where God takes you on this next adventure in life!


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