Halloween 2020

Happy Halloween 2020!!! What fun we had at our 7th Halloween Event! We want to thank every mom, dad, grandparent, and friend who brought all these kiddos out on a chilly, rainy day. Kim and I spent the whole afternoon reminiscing on how little many of these kiddos were when we first started hosting this event. We have several families that we have been photographing every year!!! For a little trip down memory lane we will have a little flash back at the end! We hope you all have a safe and fun holiday!!!

zoe by erin 2020_1125zoe by erin 2020_1126zoe by erin 2020_1127zoe by erin 2020_1128zoe by erin 2020_1129zoe by erin 2020_1130zoe by erin 2020_1131zoe by erin 2020_1132zoe by erin 2020_1133zoe by erin 2020_1134zoe by erin 2020_1135zoe by erin 2020_1136zoe by erin 2020_1137zoe by erin 2020_1138zoe by erin 2020_1139zoe by erin 2020_1140zoe by erin 2020_1141zoe by erin 2020_1142Every year we rope our own kids into being the best helpers ever, and this year my Hannah brought a friend! Bailey, Hannah, and Alexa, thank you so much for all you did to make these Halloween costumed kiddos smile!zoe by erin 2020_1124zoe by erin 2020_1122zoe by erin 2020_1123

HALLOWEEN FLASHBACK FUN!zoe by erin 2020_1147zoe by erin 2020_1148zoe by erin 2020_1149zoe by erin 2020_1150zoe by erin 2020_1151zoe by erin 2020_1144zoe by erin 2020_1145zoe by erin 2020_1152zoe by erin 2020_1153zoe by erin 2020_1154zoe by erin 2020_1146and a little nostalgia of my own kiddos… zoe by erin 2020_1155

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