Back to School 2020

Today many students, teachers, and parents step foot into the uncharted waters of school during the time of COVID-19. No one truly knows what to expect as we begin this school year, but we are all hoping for the best. As each family has chosen the form of learning that suits their student best, we want to take time to celebrate these kids as they start a new grade- whether it’s with excitement or trepidation. I always love our Back to School event. Talking with each child about what they’re most excited about or most nervous about, hearing moms and dads voice either joy or reluctance that the kids won’t be home all day, mirrors how I always feel about my own kids heading back to school. This year, I have just 2 students at home- and they will continue to be at home with me since we have chosen a virtual schooling option- which means I might actually make it through a first day of school without tears! (those who know me best know I always cry on the first day…) So, as you begin your Monday, let’s take a minute to say a prayer for all the students, teachers, and parents in our community who are just trying to move forward in this ever changing world of ours. We are praying for health, safety, and peace of mind for you all!

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