Meet Ellie Ann | Searcy, AR Newborn Photography

I am so excited to finally share this session! COVID-19 has changed so much of life for all of us. One of the things Kim and I are most saddened by from all of this is missing out on the birth of our best friend’s baby girl. Ellie made her arrival in the throws of the pandemic while no visitors were allowed at the hospital and for weeks social distancing kept us from not just her newborn session, but from meeting her altogether. When Ellie’s doctor said it was finally safe for her to meet grandparents I was SO thrilled that WE were getting to meet her too! Kim and I donned our masks and gloves and took every precaution to make sure that sweet Ellie Ann was safe during her session, where she slept like an angel (and I teared up over and over again). You’d never guess that she wasn’t brand new, being photographed in the first few days like we usually do- except for those eyelashes!!!

Kim, Matt, we love you both, thank you for letting us document sweet Ellie Ann for you. I’m grateful that we got to love on her even though I feel like we’ve missed out on so much- it wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Warning- Photo Overload Ahead… when I’m emotionally involved with the photos I over share… But, seriously…. how could I not share them all with you! She’s SO gorgeous!

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