Meet Adaline | Searcy, AR Newborn Photography

We shared this sweet girl’s arrival earlier this month with her Fresh 48 session and today I’m thrilled to show her off again! Every newborn session we do is special to me, but this one is especially dear to my heart. Matt and Amanda have walked a difficult road to parenthood, one paved with far too much loss and heartbreak. Through the grace of God, the brilliance of science, and the beauty of surrogacy they have finally brought home this amazing baby girl. We’ve been honored to be a small part of Matt and Amanda’s journey from their engagement all the way through little Adaline’s arrival. Matt, Amanda, we are so grateful you’ve chosen us to document your family. We love you all so much and can’t wait to see how much Adaline grows and changes this year! Here are some of my favorite images from our newborn session.

zoe by erin 2019_0616

zoe by erin 2019_0615zoe by erin 2019_0617zoe by erin 2019_0618zoe by erin 2019_0619zoe by erin 2019_0620zoe by erin 2019_0621Amanda asked if we could do a few shots that signified Adaline being their rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is a name coined for a healthy baby born after losing a baby due to miscarriage, infant loss, stillbirth, or neonatal death. The name “rainbow baby” comes from the idea of a rainbow appearing in the sky after a storm, or after a dark and turbulent time.zoe by erin 2019_0622zoe by erin 2019_0623zoe by erin 2019_0624I also was so moved to incorporate these weighted bears that mark the loss of Matt and Amanda’s first 2 children. Each bear weighs what their lost infant weighed. zoe by erin 2019_0625zoe by erin 2019_0626zoe by erin 2019_0627

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