Addie | 2020 Senior, Searcy High School

Addie!!!! You were a dream to photograph, and it was such fun finding the perfect little spots for your session.

There’s no better feeling than leaving a session feeling creatively full.  It would be my dream session to just walk around finding the perfect light and fun little spots that no one else might think would make a beautiful photograph.  There are times that I look at my clients and ask… do you trust me?! LOL  What you can’t see are the trash cans, trash bags and other junk we photographed right next to in some of these images because the sun was just perfect or stopping at a random building because the color in some of the brick was perfect with Addie’s sweater.   It makes me happy to find a few new places during a senior session that no one else in that senior class will have photos taken with.   Who else wants to go on an adventure and find new places with me?!

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