Mary | 2020 Senior, Searcy High School

This was one of those sessions where we showed up thinking we knew what we were going to be doing and it turned into something completely different and WAY better than we expected! I love when seniors want to add things into their sessions that make them who they are.  So, when Mary pulled out a backpack full of old records that she loves, my inner creative heart leapt for joy!  Add in the fact that we were able to use one of their close family friend’s beautiful home library, and I was in heaven!

Mary, congratulations on your senior year! Thank you for coming to us and giving us the opportunity to document this fun time for you.  You rock!

Mary Pulliam_0487Mary Pulliam_0488Mary Pulliam_0489Mary Pulliam_0490Mary Pulliam_0491Mary Pulliam_0492Mary Pulliam_0493Mary Pulliam_0494Mary Pulliam_0495Mary Pulliam_0496Mary Pulliam_0497

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