Back to School 2019

As we start our third week of school, I have many friends across the country whose kids are starting their school year today.  Labor Day always feels like the last hurrah of summer and the next day feels like the start of fall- even though we are still muddling through 90º+ days.  I hope all of your kids are settling into this school year well, and I’m excited to finally share these fun images of all the super cute kids that we photographed at our 5th Back to School mini event!

zoe by erin 2019_0125zoe by erin 2019_0124zoe by erin 2019_0126zoe by erin 2019_0127zoe by erin 2019_0128zoe by erin 2019_0129zoe by erin 2019_0130zoe by erin 2019_0131zoe by erin 2019_0132zoe by erin 2019_0133zoe by erin 2019_0134zoe by erin 2019_0135zoe by erin 2019_0136zoe by erin 2019_0137zoe by erin 2019_0138zoe by erin 2019_0139I love that I get to continue to document our own kiddos each fall! You’ll notice that our own kids get a little crazy and weird when we bring the camera out! ????zoe by erin 2019_0140zoe by erin 2019_0141zoe by erin 2019_0142zoe by erin 2019_0143zoe by erin 2019_0144zoe by erin 2019_0145zoe by erin 2019_0146zoe by erin 2019_0147I even grabbed a few images of my oldest daughter, who started college this year! zoe by erin 2019_0148zoe by erin 2019_0149zoe by erin 2019_0150

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