Mommy and Me | Searcy, AR Family Photography

We are SO excited to finally share these images from our Mommy and Me event earlier this month!  Moms, I tried to not get on my soapbox about how important it is to have photos taken with your children, but I so wholeheartedly believe these are images you will never regret and will treasure forever.  So often we moms can put off family photos until we are 10 pounds lighter, a shade more tan, get our hair colored, you name it- the list can go on and on with excuses we come up with.  But, your children are only this age once (whatever their age!).  More often than not, we moms end up behind the camera, snapping pictures of our beautiful kids, and years later we will look back and realize that there are few, if any, photos of us with our children.  So, moms… get in front of the camera.  Let someone snap pictures of you loving on your kids.  Photos of your kids loving on you.  Images of you laughing with them… you will never regret having those photos- and your children will treasure them someday.  A HUGE thank you to ALL the sons, daughters, and husbands who booked these sessions for the moms in their life!  And kudos to all the moms for making memories and beautiful images with their kiddos! 2019-05-23_00012019-05-23_00022019-05-23_00032019-05-23_0004mommy and me blog_0351mommy and me blog_03522019-05-23_00052019-05-23_00062019-05-23_00072019-05-23_00082019-05-23_00092019-05-23_00102019-05-23_00112019-05-23_00122019-05-23_00132019-05-23_0014mommy and me blog_0353mommy and me blog_03542019-05-23_00152019-05-23_00162019-05-23_00172019-05-23_00182019-05-23_0019

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