Happy Mother’s Day!

We want to salute all the moms out there, we hope you have had a day full of love and appreciation.  As you all know, all of us here at Zoë are moms, and all of us have children in different stages of life.  Mallory has her hands full of all the things that come with babies and toddlers… from bottles to naps and potty training, she is in the throws of early motherhood.  Kim has a teenage daughter at home and a son about to graduate from college and get married this year, she is just on the edge of parenting a full blown adult!  I am in the middle of these two places, in just 5 short months I will have three teenagers in my house.  I love how motherhood has all these different stages… we watch these kids that God has entrusted to us grow from needing us for every little thing to independence and moving out of our homes.  I know that I have sometimes struggled with how fast this life seems to go by, how fast these childhoods have flown past us, so I pray that whichever stage of motherhood you find yourself in that you see the beauty and joy in every day you have with your children.  Kim, Mallory, and I practiced what we preached about having photos taken with your kids… I believe so strongly that we moms need to be in photos.  We need to look past that 10 pounds we want to lose, stop stressing about the grays that we intended to get colored, and hug our kids and let someone take our photo.  Moms so often end up behind the camera, taking pictures of their kids, but someday… our kids will look back and realize that they may not have a photo with their mom… I know I have!  There are lots of photos of me with my siblings… me with my Dad… and not very many with me and my Mom… So, we are making a conscious effort to change that pattern and we hope you will too!  All three of us got our kiddos together and made memories with our kids… hugged our kids… laughed with our kids… Here are our imperfect images, full of the love and joy that comes with being a mom…

mommy and me_0320mommy and me_0321mommy and me_0322mommy and me_0323mommy and me_0324mommy and me_0325

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