Hannah | 2019 Searcy High School Senior

Warning……this may be the LONGEST Senior blog post in the history of the world.   Hannah calls me her second mom, and I feel like she’s my second daughter most of the time.  My Bailey and Hannah are very close, so I know most of what is going on in her life.  I laugh at her with her, cry with her, get mad with her.  Right now, I am so EXCITED with/for her! I remember the butterflies in my stomach the last day of my senior year.  Excitement of a new adventure ahead.  I was finally an adult (what was I thinking?).  Those butterflies were a little fear of the unknown, but mostly excitement.

Hannah Banana, I love ya! I hope you have all the feels this morning.  Take it all in.  Soak in it.  Life changes so much after today, but it’s a chance at a fresh beginning.  Make of it WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!

Also, just a heads up……… because Hannah was readily available at any point to go shoot senior images, we literally jumped at the chance to shoot almost every season! I’m telling you…..this will be the longest Senior blog post in the history of the world.  But look at all these fun images she and her family will always have!

hannah bunting_0281hannah bunting_0282hannah bunting_0283hannah bunting_0284hannah bunting_0285

hannah bunting_0308

hannah bunting_0286hannah bunting_0287hannah bunting_0288hannah bunting_0289

hannah bunting_0310

hannah bunting_0303hannah bunting_0304

hannah bunting_0298hannah bunting_0297hannah bunting_0299hannah bunting_0300

hannah bunting_0290hannah bunting_0291hannah bunting_0292hannah bunting_0293hannah bunting_0294hannah bunting_0295hannah bunting_0296hannah bunting_0301hannah bunting_0302

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