The 5 MOST Important Things to do on Your Wedding Day!

There is so much that goes into a wedding day. Boy, is that the understatement of the century! Most people don’t even have an idea of the amount of time, money, and thought that is poured into the mass planning for weddings. Between the major things like choosing a photographer and venue, to the smallest of detail of what style candle holder you would like on a reception table. It all can get very overwhelming by the time your actual day gets here. We hear time and time again from couples on their wedding day, “I am just ready for this to be over already!” And that sentence just kills my hopeless romantic heart. So, if you are in the middle of planning your wedding, or just beginning, we have made a list of the five most important things to do on your wedding day that will ensure that it really is the best day ever!

1.No matter how big or small, make sure there is a meaningful or special detail incorporated into your day


Weddings can have a lot of monotony to them. The last thing you want to feel on your wedding day is that you are just going through the motions of a tradition. Adding even the simplest of personal touch to a wedding day can go a long way! This can be anything from writing your future spouse a special letter before your first look or as big as choreographing a surprise dance at the reception. There just needs to be a little something that means something specifically to you both. The magic on a wedding day really is in these special details that makes it unique to you as a couple!

2. Take at least 10 mins out of your day to focus solely on each other 


This is something as your photographers we always try to carve time out for. We are adamant about our couples getting this time together! Sometimes in the craziness of timelines and running into people you haven’t seen in years, couples can go hours into their reception with saying very few actual words to the person they just married! I know that seems crazy, but it happens! Whether you do a first look or wait until after the ceremony, we recommend to make this a top priority. This is a time that you can just breathe and share the excitement with the one person who means to most on this day. We’ve seen brides who go from shaking and teary eyed because they were so nervous about the day to throwing their head back and belly laughing because they were able to have these vital minutes with their best friend who they are madly in love with! Trust us, you will want as much quality time with “your person” as you can get on this day!



We know this may sound super silly, but we can’t say it enough…EAT THE FOOD! Not only do you need to make sure you won’t feel light headed, but there was a lot of thought that went into choosing which food to serve to your guest and you deserve to enjoy it as well! This one is pretty self explanatory but I am speaking from personal experience, its so important not to forget! This bride and groom in the picture above had an amazing wedding coordinator (shoutout to Wed by Meg!) who organized for them to have a quick private sit down dinner of their wedding food in between their ceremony and reception! Also, it is never a bad idea to have someone in your wedding party fix you both a to-go box to put in your get away car for later!

4. Really soak in the words of your vows


This one gets overlooked way too often on wedding days. Most couples are nervous about having to speak and repeat words in front of a crowd of people and that can sometimes overshadow the true meaning behind the words they are speaking to each other! These words are literally the whole reason you are having this big day, there is no wedding without the vows! Something that may make these words more powerful during your ceremony is taking some time a few days before your wedding to read and go over the vows with each other and what they specifically mean to each of you.

5. Make a point to look around and see all of the precious people who are there to love and support you

testing_0037I heard someone say once that there are only two days that you get the opportunity to bring everyone who has loved and supported you over the years all together in one setting and one of those days is your wedding and the other one is your funeral! All of the guest at your wedding are there for you guys because they have a significance in your life. Yes, the love stories of weddings are beautiful, timeless, and amazing. But, the love and memories and support you can physically feel from your guest on your wedding day is magical if you just take the time to acknowledge its power. These people have watched you grow up, fall in love, have laughed and cried with you and now on this day they are taking pause to celebrate your new life together. So at some point during your day, take a moment to take a deep breath in and appreciate the crowd of love and support!

So that is it, the five things you must do on your wedding day! Its not to get the perfect flowers, or having a seamless timeline, or even dare I say, having the perfect dress! :)  I hope that by reading these things you can find peace in the chaos of all the planning and reflect on what will truly make this day the most special! Happy planning everyone!

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