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Have you ever wondered why we offer a Milestone Plan for your baby’s first year?  I am excited to tell you all the reasons why we love these plans!  As a mom of 3 who are no longer little, the importance of capturing these images is dear to my heart.  I know when you’re an expecting or a new mom everyone tells you how fast the time will go.  They say, “you’ll blink and your children will be grown”… I remember giving that polite smile and thinking, “sure… right now I’m up to my ears in diaper changes and I just want to have a few minutes of silence”.  But, now being closer to the other end of the child raising experience, I realize how true those statements are… I blinked… and now I have a daughter about to graduate high school.  Oh, how I cherish the photos I have from her baby years.  I wish I had more!

That first year of life is so full of big moments for you and your baby- just think- in the first year your child goes from the very sleepy stage right after birth to smiles and giggles, sitting up, standing, and even taking their first steps- all in 12 short months!  Our milestone plans are created to capture each of these events, documenting them forever; freezing these special moments for a lifetime.

The Milestone Plan includes 3 sessions- a full newborn session, a mini session when your baby is sitting up, and a mini session when your baby is standing.  These milestones happen around the 6 month and 12 month mark, but we suggest focusing on the milestone more than the age.

Each time we see our Milestone clients for their next session I marvel at how much their baby has grown and changed!  When you’re looking at your child daily, sometimes the changes can seem so imperceptible, but when you look back through the photos we take along the way, you can see that growth and change right before your eyes.

Just one bonus of booking a Milestone plan is that we include a complimentary mini maternity session to document the excitement as you wait for your little one to arrive.  There are other great incentives for choosing this inclusive plan that I would love to tell you all about when we meet together in our studio space!

I’m including a few of my favorite images from the amazing Milestone Plans we’ve had so you can see how much these little guys changed in their first 12 months!









We often wrap up our Milestone Plans with a celebration!  We love when our client’s make this session fun by choosing a theme, bringing a cake, or fun surprises like balloons or tea parties!  How will you celebrate your sweet little one’s first birthday?



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