Grayson | 2019 Harding Academy Senior

We had such a fun time at our senior mini event last weekend and are super excited to share images from the day.  Today, we are starting with Grayson, 2019 Harding Academy Senior! Grayson, thank you for coming in.  Congrats on your senior year.  Graduation will be here before you know it!

We sure didn’t want the mini event day to be so dark and rainy, but it was just that!  We love the fact that we are able to get great images in the studio with natural light, even on gloomy days like that day.   Another fun part, when it’s so dark that the street lights are still on even during daylight hours, we can incorporate that into the images as well!

We are holding ONE MORE mini event on March 16th for last minute 2019 senior sessions.  Jump on those if you want in!

grayson calloway senior_0180grayson calloway senior_0181grayson calloway senior_0182grayson calloway senior_0183grayson calloway senior_0184grayson calloway senior_0185

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