Santa 2018

This event has become my most favorite thing we do ALL year long!  I just love seeing all the kids, some dressed in their Sunday best, others in their cutest Christmas jammies, excited to see Santa Claus and tell him what they are hoping he will bring this year.  We have some kids who just can’t contain their excitement and have wide eyes and big grins. We have some who are so unsure of this big guy in the red suit that it’s all we can do to get them to stand next to him.  And… we have those few who just burst into tears… Santa must have the most patient and loving heart to handle this full range of emotions that happen in his presence!  We want to thank every mom, dad, grandparent, and friend who brought all these kids up to the studio!  You guys make this day so much fun! Another huge thank you to ALL the help I had that day- Kim, Mallory, Bailey, Hannah, and Meredith- I could NOT have done this without you! You guys rock!


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