Maguire | Searcy High School 2019 Senior

This year’s class of 2019 seniors is full of young people whom I have watched grow from small school age children into young adults full of the promise and excitement of the future before them.  Maguire is definitely one of those people.  I remember when my daughter and Maguire were first in class together in middle school (which feels like yesterday…) and now we are doing senior portraits and talking about college plans.  I am still not fully believing this year is here!  Maguire, I am so thankful you brought your guitars to your session!  It was so much fun to watch and listen to you play and to hear about your plans to pursue journalism!  I know that you will have success in wherever you choose to go in life, because of the humility I see inside you.  We are excited to watch as your exciting future unfolds before you!

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