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This family and session make me happy for a million different reasons. Well, besides the fact that they are just a super fun, out going, and sincere family, they are a symbol to me of trusting that there really is a plan for all of our lives even if we can’t see what in the world that plan is!

Bailey and Cora were my VERY FIRST paying clients. I had just picked up a camera and decided I was going to give this photography thing a shot. Pressing the ‘post’ button on my first status telling the world that I wanted to take pictures of people and get paid for it was a super scary and vulnerable thing for me. And ya’ll, let me be quite frank when I say, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, HA! I crammed, studied, took online classes, stalked other photography profiles, but deep inside I was terrified when I got that little notification that Bailey had sent me a message about me taking photos for her!

I had a dream of being able to help support my family with something I LOVED doing. I had no earthly idea how to obtain that except just to go for it at full force. The metaphor of taking the first step even if you can’t see the staircase had never been more evident in my life.

The two last images of this blog are of Cora. The one on the left is my very first photo I was paid for when Cora turned two and the one on the right is an image from a few weeks ago. Im so blessed this family was such an encouragement to me when I first started out!

So all of that to say, if you’ve been dreaming about doing something or achieving something but have been hesitant, this is your sign! Go for it! Stop wondering “what if…” and take that first step or leap of faith or in some cases that first press of the ‘post’ button! And when you do take that step, I hope that your first experience is with someone as amazing as Bailey and Cora were for me!

Thank you again, Bailey, for trusting and believing in me even at the beginning, it has meant more to me than you know!

Guinnblog_0010Guinnblog_0011Guinnblog_0012Guinnblog_0013Guinnblog_0014Guinnblog_0015Guinnblog_0016On the left is a picture from my very first session I ever shot when Cora turned two years old, and on the right is a picture from a few weeks ago! :)


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