Bailey | Teen Session, Searcy Arkansas

This is my baby girl.  I’ve been putting off blogging this session mainly because it pulls at my heart strings to see her look so grown up.  But…….. I also know how important it is to get this message out right now to all you mommas.

Y’all, it’s so important to show our girls how beautiful they are in their own right.  Society places so much pressure on us to look and act a certain way.  If we can get it in our girls’ hearts at an early age that they are uniquely and wonderfully made and that they are beautiful just the way they are, how much better off will we be as a society.  If we can get this generation to see that and take it to heart, change can happen!  Okay, I’m coming off my soap box now. LOL.

Y’all even if it’s not with us, get your babies photographed!  During that session, they will be shown that they are so special and beautiful and important in that moment.  And when they look back on those images later, they will be immediately reminded of how they felt and how beautiful they are!  Oh, and there’s the plus that us mommas will have those memories to cherish for a lifetime as well.  It really is a win win!

If there’s one thing I want my Bailey to understand down to her core, is that she is uniquely and wonderfully made by a beautiful and perfect creator who made us in His image.  Beauty is so much more than the world perceives.   Mommas, lets make it our mission to make sure our girls know this!

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