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We are so excited to open up some fall sessions for our Tween and Teen photos this year!  If you’ve been following our studio for any length of time, you know that we love being able to photograph the whole family life cycle from newborn, toddler to big kid, families, high school seniors, and weddings.  What about that time between big kids and high school seniors?  Most of the time, that age gets lost in the mix.  We want to change that!  We have created an experience tailored around promoting confidence, positive self-esteem, and the individuality that comes along with being in those years from 10 to 16; no longer babies, but not yet young adults.

As parents, we photograph them constantly through those first five years of life (I’ve done it, you know you have too!) and the professional photos from that point on are often only the yearly school pictures.  Planning for professional photos doesn’t usually begin again until their senior year of high school.   There is NOTHING wrong with this, but…….. how much are we missing out on by not documenting these beautiful, unique and incredible children when growth spurts are happening, interests are forming, and we get the first real look into the young people they are becoming.  Let’s take some beautiful images of them at this stage and boost their confidence going into the years when they will start to feel insecurities about themselves.  tween promo blog_1090So, this fall we are introducing a great deal for these sessions to get you all on board! These will be mini sessions lasting 20 minutes, long enough for us to have a fun quick session and get that personality out of your teen or tween, but not too long so they are worn out and DONE by the end!  INCLUDED in the price of these sessions will be an awesome memory box with 10 flush mount prints.  This is great for the coffee table, browsing through images, or using them on a small table top easel and switching out images when you feel the need to change!  For the months of October and November, we are offering these sessions for $65!  The regular price for these sessions after this fall will be $100, so jump on this deal now!

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We can’t wait to meet your teens and tweens and make some beautiful images of this precious time in their lives.  Feel free to email us any questions you have about these sessions or the memory box that comes with it!

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