Capturing the Tween Years

Going through my mom’s old photos is one of my favorite things to do every few years at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Strolling down memory lane and showing my kids what life was like back in the “good old days” is entertaining.  But, I always notice something.  There are hundreds of photos of me and my sister when we are babies, toddlers, even elementary age, but just not very many in our preteen years.  And NO professional portraits aside from the awkward school photos that have half blinked eyes or cheesy grins.  Why are those important years not documented?  It seems as if ages 10-12 are the forgotten years.  Is it because that age isn’t quite considered a child anymore, but also not quite a teenager?  And now, in the age of selfies, SnapChat, and filters that give us eyes as big as Bambi, or flower crowns, and glitter halos, will we really remember our preteens as they truly were years from now?

This has been something pretty big on our hearts for a while.  Probably because Erin and I both have preteens or “tweens” of our own.  We not only want to capture this time in life for parents out there who might have looked through their parent’s old photos and realized they were missing as tweens as well and said “I won’t let this happen to my child!”, but also to help tweens look and feel beautiful (or handsome!).  They should have unshakable confidence in who they are when they hit junior high.  This time of life can feel so hard, school gets more difficult, friendships change, and the world suddenly feels like a different place.  We want to capture the laughs and smiles your children have right now, and help them feel confident in their changing world!  So, if you have a tween in this stage of life, please call or email us to book a mini session!

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