Vaughn | Bentonville High School Senior 2017

I love when I get to share my family on our blog! (please forgive me for this mushy post and the bazillion photos…)  This is my beautiful niece, Vaughn.  She was born just days before my high school graduation!  (boy does that make me feel old!)  I have loved watching her grow up- she has always been so full of life and joy.  She makes me laugh.  I wish I was sharing all the adorable pictures from her childhood antics- like her playing in the holy water at her cousin’s first communion… or the million goofy faced selfies I have from times I left my phone unattended… Instead, I’m sharing her senior portraits, where she looks way more grown up than I remember… Vaughn, you are gorgeous.  Beautiful on the inside and out.  I am so proud of the young woman you are becoming and I can’t wait to see the difference maker I know you will be!


Warning… more mushiness…  This is my daughter and two of my sister’s daughters.  They are super close.  For years my sister was a teacher here in Searcy, and her girls spent every day before and after school at our house.  A year ago they moved back to Bentonville and my living room is no longer filled with the giggles of these girls every afternoon.  Beth… we miss you guys so much!  I’m so glad Vaughn let Maeve and Hannah tag along on her session so we could get some pictures of these sweet girls.


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