Kitt | Greenbriar, AR Newborn Photographer

It wasn’t long ago that we shared photos of this little man from his hospital mini session, just hours after he was born.  Today, we get to share his newborn session with you!  It’s always amazing to me how even at 10 days old babies have such personality.  When we tell expecting moms that the baby is in charge of the session, we aren’t joking!  Some babies come in and are sound asleep for two hours.  Others, like Kitt, sleep for ten minutes.  He just had his own plan in mind, so we rolled with it! We had to put aside all our grand creative plans for fun racecar styled photos (Caleb is a drag car racer!) and we ended up with more awake images than normal and zero naked baby shots- because that’s what Kitt wanted!  Caleb and Amber, Kitt is so precious.  I love his personality, and that he’s already in control- we’ll see how long that lasts with those older sisters of his!  Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us!


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