Ryan & Dillon, Searcy High School Class of 2016 | Senior Photographer, Cheryl Weaver

What is your favorite memory from high school?

Ryan: Playing in the band and traveling to the away games

Dillon: Being featured in the yearbook and on Lion T.V.

What character on TV are you most like?

Dillon: Anthony Dinozzo from NCIS, a quick thinker but smooth talker with the ladies

What is your favorite worldly possession?

Ryan: My family and friends, and of course my airplane

Dillon: My flight bag

Tell us about the person who has had the single greatest, positive impact on your life.

Dillon: Probably my sister.  She’s taught me to work hard and be the best person I can be and never give up on your dream.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Ryan: Flying for a major airline in the world

Dillon: Commercial Pilot working for Delta or FedEx

If someone wrote a book about you, what would they title it?

Dillon: From Dream to Reality: Aviator Dillon Greene

What one thing do you wish more people knew about you?

Ryan: I was born on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean

Dillon: I’m actually a very shy person that can make friends easily.

What is your favorite article of clothing andy why?

Dillon: The shirt that my instructor cut up after my first solo.

If you had a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Ryan: Guam; it was where I was born.

Dillon: Guam; I was born there and I’m not sure what it’s like.

Meet Ryan & Dillon.  


Ryan, Dillon and Cheryl, THANK YOU for choosing Cheryl to photograph your senior session!  We had so much fun with you all and love that your session is so unique to you and your dreams.  :)  Best wishes as you transition to Henderson State!

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