Connor is one! | Child photographer, Erin Bunting

If you’re not an aunt, or an uncle, I recommend you do everything in your power to become one… set your siblings up on dates, send them images of cute children, offer free babysitting services, etc.  Do whatever it takes.  :)  I’ve been a mom for years and it’s the single most rewarding role I’ve ever had.  But, being an aunt is truly a “best of both worlds” situation.  I get to love him like my own, spoil him with attention every chance I get and watch him learn, grow and love.  And, I rarely have to discipline him.  So, seriously, it’s the best of both worlds.

Jessica and Mike, watching this first year of Connor’s life has been one of life’s greatest joys.  He is one of the most delightful children.  His sweet disposition, curiosity and cuddliness make him so easy to love.  And, that smile… I don’t know how you ever tell him “no.”

I can’t wait to be neighbors and not miss out on the big stuff and the little stuff in his life and yours.  Love you three so much!

And, Erin, you have outdone yourself spoiling us with images of Connor.  I treasure them and he’s not even mine.  THANK YOU for blessing us all with your talents!



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