Jane, Harding University Class of 2016 | Senior Photographer, Cheryl Weaver

We’re excited to be able to share another Harding University soon-to-be graduate with you today!  Jane, originally from Tennessee, is graduating in May.  She’s beautiful, gracious, poised and an absolute delight to be around in.  I’ve spent maybe a collective two hours or so with her at this point but I feel like I’ve known her for a long time.  :)  Her warm personality makes her easy to get to know.

The last image below is of Jane holding a picture of her with her mom, who passed away during Jane’s time at Harding.  She shared her story in chapel earlier this week and while her story is one of loss and pain, it’s also one of strength and a testament to God’s faithfulness.

Jane, we’ve been so blessed by meeting you and I was so encouraged to hear you share your story Monday.  You are one amazingly strong, young woman.  We wish you all the best as you wrap up your time at Harding and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for you next!




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