Reagan and Terrin | Greenbrier, Arkansas and The Brick Room Wedding

Sometimes it just makes better sense to let you hear things straight from the source of something truly amazing.  And this story is just that.  In Reagan’s words…….the story of her and Terrin

Towards the end of the summer, my parents came up to visit for a night. They immediately hit it off with Terrin, and after a long talk Terrin asked my Dad for permission to date me. My Dad felt in that moment not that he had given permission for Terrin to date me, but that he just given permission to marry his daughter. A few weeks later, Terrin asked me to be his girlfriend as the sun was setting in front of a giant cross overlooking the lake in the middle of a communion service, in order to symbolize that his intentions were to grow to love me with the selfless, sacrificial love that Christ freely gave us upon the cross. Once camp was over for the summer, Terrin went back to MidAmerica Nazarene University for his senior year and I went back to the University of Arkansas, 4 hours away from each other. We both really liked each other, but wanted to keep things fairly casual because we didn’t know where the next year would lead us. Terrin came down to Fayetteville to surprise me the weekend of the first home Razorback football game. While he was there, he talked to me about again but not making things too serious. However, God had a different plan for us. On September 19th, I got a call that forever changed my life and our future. That morning my dad passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Terrin immediately dropped everything to be with me. Throughout everything, Terrin continually showed me selfless love and support. I have never experienced a truer model of Christ’s love and character. Through this trial, I realized that Terrin was the person I wanted to stand beside me for the rest of my life. Before Terrin and I went back to camp for the summer, Terrin made me promise that I would go fishing with him at least once. During staff training week when Terrin asked me to go fishing after dinner, I agreed thinking that I would get my obligation over with. While fishing, Terrin pulled the bass boat close to the camp’s dock where he had someone hiding in the trees to take pictures. I got tired of fishing so I sat down. Terrin had different plans than I realized and needed me to stand up, so he forced me to hold his rod so he could get something out of his tackle box. Frustrated that he made me keep fishing, I reeled in the line as slowly as possible whenever he asked for it back. Once the line was finally in, Terrin asked me to hold the lure he wanted to put on his line. Then he placed a metal, heart shaped lure in my hands that read, “You are my greatest catch. Marry me?” and got down on one knee. “

Reagan and Terrin, we want to thank you SO VERY much for choosing us to get to know you and to be a part of this exciting time of your life.  We want you both to know that you have truly blessed us with your friendship!



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