Bunting Kids | Child Photographer, Erin Bunting

I don’t often get to share images of my own kiddos on the blog… because… I’m terrible about getting my own kids in front of the camera!  It had really been bothering me that the large photos I had displayed in my living room were of the kids on our beach vacation in 2012.  2012!  That is four whole years ago.  At first, I kept telling myself that the kids hadn’t really changed that much, they still looked like that, but boy… was I fooling myself.  I couldn’t believe the difference when I was taking down the old and putting up these new ones.  My kids are growing up.  As a mom, it pained me to see how they each are changing… Losing those little kid features… Mouths full of grown up teeth.  Don’t do what I did… Don’t let 4 years go by before updating the photos on your walls!  Here are my handsome little guys and my beautiful girl!



2016-02-04_00042016-02-04_00022016-02-04_00052016-02-04_0006Hannah got an extra shot since she braved the cold to let me photograph her in the snow!

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