Cone Chapel Wedding, Searcy Arkansas | Hannah + Nathan

We started off our 2016 wedding season with this beautiful couple! We love getting the chance to spend wedding days with couples that have great families and theirs was no exception! The day was so laid back and easy, filled with laughter and excitement.   Hannah was an absolutely stunning bride.  Her dress was like none other we’ve photographed… it had long, delicate lace sleeves and looked to have been made specifically for her.  And, her veil was swoon worthy.  Hannah and Nathan exchanged vows in Cone Chapel at sunset and spent the rest of the evening under the twinkling lights of the front lawn.  Their details were so thoughtful… up to the shirts they left in that were last worn by Hannah’s parents as they left their wedding.  Hannah and Nathan, thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to work with you.  We’ve loved getting to know you and adore your senses of humor.  We can’t wait to see what all God has in store for you!


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