The Eaken Family | Family Photographer, Maggie Hendrix

It is always a pleasure to catch up with the Eaken family at our fall mini event!  This family exudes warmth and love for one another.  For some families, picture day can be a stressful event.  A lot of mom’s get quite stressed over coordinating outfits, keeping kids and husbands happy and rushing to make it to the session with everyone in one piece!  Am I right, moms?!  While our sessions are always so much fun, just getting there is half the battle.  ;-)  But this family?  They show up to their sessions as if they just casually dropped in, looking fabulous and with smiles on their faces!  Maybe I need to hire you all to teach a photo-session prep class or something?  But seriously, thank you all for the fun session and for your happy hearts.  It is a blessing to behold a family who loves one another.  ~  Maggie



































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