The Carter Family | Family Photographer, Erin Bunting

I LOVE when friends become clients… it make my heart flutter knowing that we got to help create images that someone I love will enjoy over coffee for years to come.  So, that makes this session extra special!  Amie and I have been friends since college… a few years ago.  :)  Since then we’ve been co-workers for a while and now she’s one of my favorite lunch dates.  Her wit and humor are on point and I love that she’s one of those moms who doesn’t pretend to have it all together.  She’s real, she’s a great encourager and a wonderful momma!  And, she has some of the most beautiful children EVER.  Her girls so graceful, beautiful little ladies.  And, J.J. is the happiest baby ever.  He smiles when you just make eye contact with him.  Amie, I was SO excited when you booked a session and Erin and I loved having an opportunity to work for you!  Thank you for choosing us and sharing your family with us!  Next time, we have to make it happen when James isn’t working can come too so we can get one of all five of you.



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