The Gibson Family | Family Photographer, Cheryl Weaver

We try not to choose favorites and we are honored each and every time a family chooses us to photograph them.  But, this family has such personality that their sessions are more like parties.    We laugh so hard our mascara runs every time.  They came to our mini event this year and at one point during the session, I looked around to see if Cheryl and I were disrupting other sessions we were laughing so hard.  There was as many outtakes as there was “keepers” and we had to include at least one of the silliness.

Deandra and Buck, thank your for sharing your family with us.  Cheryl was giddy when I told her you’d booked again.  :)   I love how different your children are!  I love how they’re both comfortable with exactly who they are.  I love how in the images of Buck being silly, Joseph is looking at him like he’s his hero and Tate has the “I can’t believe he’s doing that” face.  Your family is SO fun!  Thank you for giving us an opportunity to capture that!



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