Landon | Child Photographer, Erin Bunting

They say a plumber’s sink always leaks.  Well, I’m terrible about getting around to sharing images of Landon on the blog.  I’m blessed to have a team of ladies who are willing to spoil me rotten by documenting all of Landon’s milestones and to say I’m grateful is a huge understatement.  This week, I’m finally getting around to ordering canvases from Landon’s most recent mini session and so I wanted to share a few on the blog as well.  :)  This mini session was to document that he’d turned six.  Six.  How are we already at six??!

Erin, thank you for capturing my sweetie.  I love that you got him laughing (even if I did throw my hip out attempting to “dance” to get that belly laugh) and I love that you caught his “I’m up to something” look as I see that expression all the time!  I’ll treasure these forever.


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