Rockwall, Texas Wedding |Sarah + Grant

Every so often, we have the opportunity to travel out of state for weddings.  Although, we miss our families while we are gone, we love the chance at a fun girl’s road trip full of surprises and culminating with watching two people so in love, vow to love each other for a lifetime.  When we met Sarah and Grant, we knew right off that we HAD to book their wedding.  Thank goodness they felt the same way and wanted to do whatever it took to have us there.  Truly, that is the greatest honor ever.  Sarah and Grant, we have loved getting to know the both of you and your families.  Thank you so very much for allowing us the opportunity to share in your beautiful day.  And just because we are in neighboring states, doesn’t mean we have to now be strangers! We look forward to seeing you again for coffee or lunch when you are passing through Arkansas!



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