Back to School 2015 | Child Photographer, Erin Bunting

All we’ve talked about around the studio lately is school starting!  It’s a banner year for several of us… we’ve got two going to college, one starting kindergarten and many going back to new schools, teachers and classrooms!  There’s some anxiety but mostly excitement.  The year ahead is full of hope, promise and class parties!   We’ve been celebrating by hosting a Back to School event this week and it’s been so fun!  Hearing what all these little ones want to be when they grow up, what they’re looking forward to and what they’re apprehensive about has been entertaining to say the least.  :)  Thank you to each of the moms (and dads and Mimis) who brought kids in this week!  And, if you’d still like to schedule a time for your child, we have a few appointments available next Thursday, August 20th.  Email Kristen ( to schedule one.

To everyone taking children to school this week and next, we pray for a smooth start to a year full of growth!2015-08-13_00802015-08-13_00962015-08-13_00812015-08-13_00822015-08-13_00832015-08-13_00862015-08-13_00872015-08-13_00882015-08-13_00892015-08-13_00902015-08-13_00912015-08-13_00922015-08-13_00842015-08-13_0085

And, because my baby is starting kindergarten TODAY, Erin graciously spent a few minutes with Landon over in front of Harding Academy earlier this week.  Our household has been full of excitement (and some nerves) this week.  He’s having the best day ever today while I watch the clock until 3:05.  :)  Erin, I’ll treasure these!  THANK YOU!


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