Introducing Oliver! | Newborn Photographer, Erin Bunting

We’re excited to have another hospital session on the blog this morning!  We arrived at the hospital a couple of hours after little Oliver arrived and I remember asking Nicki if she had darted to the salon between his arrival and then.  It should be criminal for a momma to look that fabulous so closely after welcoming a new baby.  :)  Big sister, Anna-Kate, stayed within about a foot and a half of Oliver at all times, making sure he okay… she’s enamored and has such a spirit of helpfulness.  My favorite moment though was when Thomas, who was reluctant to hold Oliver at first, held his little brother and looked up at his Dad to say, “Can I take Oliver to school??!”  Oliver is such a loved little guy!  Nicki and Derek, thank you for sharing your family with us!


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