Connor | Newborn Photographer, Erin Bunting

Y’all as we’re wrapping up the week and heading into one of my favorite weekends of the year, I’m excited to be leaving the studio on a high note!  A really high note!

My life forever changed about seven weeks ago when my sister and her husband welcomed their first, Connor, into the world.  For those of you who know Jessica, you know this day was a long time coming.  She was that little girl who ALWAYS had a baby doll in her hands.  She’s been dreaming of being a mom FOREVER.  Truthfully, I felt guilty that I became one before she did.  I’m overjoyed that God has blessed her and Mike with Connor.  I know I’m biased but I think he’s gorgeous perfection.  And, his sweet disposition is just as fabulous.  I didn’t know you could love a child that isn’t your own like this.  I miss him, and his momma and daddy, dearly.

Erin, I watch you use your talents and your heart to bless our clients every day and I’m grateful that today you’re blessing me with them.  Thank you!  It’s such a treat for me to have that “we’ll treasure these FOREVER” feeling.  Thank you a million times over!

2015-04-03_00032015-04-03_00042015-04-03_00052015-04-03_00012015-04-03_00022015-04-03_00092015-04-03_00102015-04-03_00062015-04-03_00072015-04-03_00082015-04-03_00112015-04-03_00132015-04-03_0014And, y’all… for a five year old who has no siblings, a cousin is a big deal.  I’ve LOVED watching Landon get more and more interested in Connor and talk about the sweet things he’ll teach him someday.  In the interest of full disclosure, there have also been some moments of extreme jealousy.  I love these first images of them together.  That “kiss” is what Landon calls a “fake kiss.”  Landon doesn’t actually kiss him for fear that some of the “baby stuff” will get on him.


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