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Did you notice that the blog was awfully quiet last week??!  It’s no secret that January is a welcome month of recovery for us.  But, last week… crickets.  Well, all the photographers were busy editing, Cheryl is at home recovering from surgery (and thankfully doing well!) and I was at the “Most Magical Place on Earth!”  That’s right… my family spent last week in Disney World!!!  Travis and I went several years before Landon came along (first trip for both of us) but this was Landon’s first trip.  Disney World is amazing at any age but it is exponentially more fun with a five year old!  To see the magic through Landon’s (or as we call him, Little Britches) perspective was such a joy.

It will come as no surprise that I seriously considered taking Cheryl with me.  I’m downright spoiled to have the opportunity to have all of Landon’s milestones beautifully photographed.  It caused me GREAT distress to not be able to take a professional photographer with me to document this experience.  I put numbers to it and decided it was just plum crazy… right?  So, below are some images caught with my iPhone (by my non-professional photographer self).  For the most part they were taken in a great hurry as we met characters, got on rides, etc.  They’re not all in focus but they capture the spirit of our trip.

photo-46 We met TONS of characters and, as indicated by the images, Landon was much more impressed with superheros than he was princesses.  He had his picture taken with Belle to appease me though.  :)

photo-47There were even more rides and here are photos of us getting on a couple of Landon’s favorites…photo-48

And more selfless than the rest of my party would have liked…photo-50

This week I’m so grateful to be back in the office, still channeling Minnie, and excited to return to my co-workers and clients who are a joy to work with!  2015-01-20_0029

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