The Hattabaughs | Family Photographer, Erin Bunting

Have we got some Christmas cuteness for you this afternoon or what??! This momma called us a few weeks after her little one was born about a mini session. We don’t typically offer mini sessions for babies this young because most babies this age won’t swaddle up as well anymore and the “newborn” shots we post from newborn sessions take a great deal of time to set up. We just aren’t usually able to get anything like that it a mini session format. So, scheduled a family mini session and planned to fly through family shots and then use a few minutes at the end to quickly wrap Evan up and just see if maybe he’d be up for cooperating. We did more than cooperate. :) We were able to quickly get some of him in his Santa hat and then something more neutral. I LOVE that we were able to help with his first portraits… that’s such a huge honor to be entrusted with! Kim, thank you for giving us the opportunity! We LOVED meeting you all and hope to see Evan more as he grows and changes! We wish you and a very merry first Christmas with Evan!



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