Christyn + Braden | Searcy, Arkansas Engagement

We get asked all the time why we chose the name “Zoë” as our business name.  Folks wonder if one of us is named Zoe?  Is one of our children named Zoe?  There isn’t a person named Zoe around the studio.  The word Zoë is of Greek origin and means “life” or “alive.”  We want our images to capture folks lives… their relationships and their milestones.  And, we want to be a part of our clients’ lives as they move from one season to another.  We’re just now getting to the point where we’ve been doing this long enough that this is happening.  In this case, Christyn was initially a client several years ago when Cheryl photographed her senior session.  She’s since been a bridesmaid in one of our weddings and now she’s a bride!  It’s SO special and rewarding when a client comes back to celebrate another milestone with us and we’re  honored that Christyn and Braden have chosen us to be a small part of their wedding!

Christyn and Braden’s first date was on a Sunday night and they went to Midnight Oil, only to remember that it’s closed on Sundays.  :)  Fast forward to this summer… and Braden took Christyn back to Midnight Oil on a Sunday night but this time he asked her to marry him.

We started their engagement session out at Braden’s grandparents’ home where we were able to take advantage of the very beginning of some fall color.  And, we wrapped up their session in Christyn’s parents’ backyard making s’mores.  In a word, Christyn and Braden are plum adorable (I guess that’s two words).  All we had to do was ask Braden to make Christyn laugh, and she’d start giggling.  They enjoy life and so clearly enjoy spending time together.

Christyn and Braden, thank you for choosing us to be a part of your wedding!  We had such a great time on your engagement session and can’t want for June to get here!



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