Cone Chapel Wedding, Searcy Arkansas | Freda + Tony

We are so blessed to spend so many Saturdays with young people who are beginning their lives as husband and wife.  Their wedding days are so full of anticipation and giggles and hope.  And, it’s not uncommon for the officiant to remind the couple during the ceremony that the wedding day is the easy part.  Marriage is wonderful and challenging.  It’s rewarding and it’s difficult.  It’s amazing and it’s a lot of work.  On this particular wedding day we were able to witness two folks remarry and it was SUCH a beautiful, spirit-filled day.  Freda and Tony were divorced several years ago after being married for 39 years.  Last month, they recommitted their lives to one another with their four grandchildren as their bridal party.  Their day was full of joyful tears, my favorite bouquet EVER and their grandchildren’s’ giggles.  And, check out Freda’s gown!  She was absolutely stunning and left her groom speechless. Freda and Tony, thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your wedding!  Your story is a beautiful story of reconciliation.  God truly does make all things new.  We pray He continues to bless you and your family. Fowler.blog_0100Fowler.blog_0101Fowler.blog_0102Fowler.blog_0103Fowler.blog_0104Fowler.blog_0105Fowler.blog_0106Fowler.blog_0107Fowler.blog_0108Fowler.blog_0109Fowler.blog_0110Fowler.blog_0111Fowler.blog_0112Fowler.blog_0113Fowler.blog_0114Fowler.blog_0115Fowler.blog_0116Fowler.blog_0117Fowler.blog_0118Fowler.blog_0119Fowler.blog_0120Fowler.blog_0121Fowler.blog_0122Fowler.blog_0123Fowler.blog_0124Fowler.blog_0125Fowler.blog_0126Fowler.blog_0127Fowler.blog_0128Fowler.blog_0129

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